Zola the Gorgon [oc][warning: monster erotica story]

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Like so many who have sought to slay a Gorgon you found yourself helplessly frozen by the creatures sorcerous gaze. Your body turned to a statue of grey stone. Another helpless victim now adorning the Gorgons temple.

Around you are many such victims. Brave warriors from every era now just lichen encrusted statues lining the passageways of the Gorgons subterranean lair.

You hear her approach along the dusty flagstones of the temple corridor. Her long serpentine body is a mottled brownish green banded with stripes of darker brown. The powerful snake tail leads up to a feminine torso albeit one covered in fine scales and with long claw tipped arms. The creatures face is that of a classic beauty but scaled like the body, the eyes reptilian and yellow bright with magic, the mouth housing prominent venomous fangs. And of course the Gorgon's hair: a writhing mass of snakes curling and snapping at the air, surrounding her face like a nightmarish halo.

She usually wears a shift of rough green cloth belted at her midsection but as she moves in front of you you are surprised to see that she is entirely naked. Her scaly skin glistens in the flickering light of the smoky aromatic torches that illuminate her temple.

"Little mortal.." she hisses, her speech impeded by her monstrous fangs. " I will give you the challenge I give all men who come to slay me. If you can satisfy my lust I shall free you but be warned mortal when the gods cursed me with this form they also cursed me with monstrous desires. Do you accept my challenge?"

At the Gorgon's touch your clothing crumbles away into stone dust and you feel warmth and life return to your flesh. You stand before the snake creature alive and flesh once more but naked and vulnerable. You consider fleeing but you have already seen the Gorgon's speed and power and you know she could easily strike you down once more.

You tell her you will accept her carnal challenge. Venom drips down her delicately pointed chin as she smiles. You look away not meeting her gaze. She laughs and tells you that her gaze, her venom is only deadly when she desires it.

You force yourself to stand still as she moves closer. Her hard scaly claw reaches between your legs and cups your limp cock and your heavy ball sac.

You are surprised to feel a twinge of excitement at the alien contact. The Gorgon looks at you, she is also surprised as you start to fill and swell in her grip. She helps you sliding the tips of her claws along the fleshy edge of your stiffening shaft. She wraps her hand around your shaft and extends one long clawed finger to scratch over your balls and across the taut sensitive skin behind.

"Such enthusiasm." She hisses "Most of my suitors require more encouragement."

She lowers her head between your legs. You gasp in fear as her fanged venom drooling mouth nears your semi erect cock. Her long forked tongue flicks out and curls wetly around the trembling stem of your penis. She twists and pulls at you with her tongue. Her claws grip your buttocks pulling you close. She gazes up at you, her slitted eyes watching your confused reaction with amusement.

Her head dips further between your legs. Her tongue releases your erection and moves deeper between your thighs along your perineal flesh to lap at the tightly puckered sphincter of your ass.

As she licks your anus the snakes of her hair twine around your cock. They squeeze you with rythmic constrictions. Their tiny tongues lashing your cock flesh.

You shudder in a mixture of fear and pleasure. The serpents on the Gorgon's head probe at your urethral opening teasing the first glistening dribbles of pre cum from you as you groan into the dusty temple air. They lap up your warm fluid.

The Gorgon's tongue pushes inside you and your groans deepen. Hearing your cries the Gorgon's long snake body writhes against the stone floor. She rubs herself against the ground in arousal.

You are shocked at your own excitement as the Gorgon plays with you. Then she pulls back with a wordless cry. She leans her serpentine body back and pushes your head down to the juncture of her human torso and snake tail.

You are unsure what to expect but you see a pocket like opening of pinkish flesh slitted between her brown green scales. Gingerly you press your mouth to the damp flesh beneath the scales tasting it with your hot tongue.

There is little odour even pressed so close to the Gorgon's body just the dust of the temple. When your tongue touching her flesh she arches and cries out. Spittle and venom spray from her gasping mouth.

"Little mortal...wonderful little mortal!!" She moans as you lick the hardening nub of her clitoris as it swells from beneath it's scaly sheath.

Her tail folds up between your legs so you straddle her muscular form. She bucks under you. Her scales slide across your thighs and cock. She shrieks with pleasure. Her cry becomes a loud reptilian hiss as she climaxes against your frantic mouth.

She undulates madly against you in her orgasm. Her cum wets your face. She pulls you up and guides your erect cock into the pouch of her hot quivering sex. Her jutting scaly breasts flatten against your naked chest. She kisses you, her forked tongue entwines yours. The snakes on her head writhe madly.

Her snake tail curls and whips against the walls then twists back and the tip pushes between your buttocks.

You thrust into her with your stiff aching cock. She thrusts deep into your ass with her tail. You groan into her kiss tasting her acrid venom.

You rock madly together. The Gorgon shudders in her climax as your hot sperm floods her tight passage and drips out down her scales.

You continue to squirm and grind together. Your bodies joined at cunt and ass. Finally you separate you stagger back and fall to the stone floor. Her body curls around you lowering you gently. She lays alongside you. You are both panting and sated, your sweaty skin sticking against her dry smooth scales.

"Well done little mortal." She hisses breathlessly "You have won your freedom."

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Zola the Gorgon [oc][warning: monster erotica story]

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