[FREE] [PS] [F4All] Succubus Takeover [Hypnosis] [Binaural] [Subliminal] [Whispers] [Kisses] [Femdom] (LINK AT BOTTOM!)

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(NO AWAKENER, Listen when you go to bed)

You don't care how dangerous it is... You want this fantasy to become a reality~

To feel the crushing weight of a naked sex-demon on top of you... Whispering into your ears... Kissing you everywhere... Rubbing my juices onto all of your trembling, sensitive spots... Linking your brain to my insatiable LUST~

And when I seize control of your brain... I know exactly what you know... Feel what you feel... Hear what you think and crave... And I can influence what happens in that head of yours, too~

Your human mind is useless... Weak against mine... I call all the shots... I am your permanent cohabiter... And I know exactly how to toy, tease, and torture you... Forever~

Fall asleep with me inside of your head... And I will return every night... I will be waiting for you in all of your dreams... Every. Single Night~

Listen to my overpowering words... Latch onto every noise I make... and drift... Down into trance... And ever further down... To sleep... With me - The succubus of your mind - making a home for myself~

WARNING: My files feature true hypnotic trance. I sometimes play with themes of addiction, memory modification, permanent changes, and extreme kinks. Take what you want and leave what you don’t. Proceed with CAUTION if you are highly susceptible.

Watch the TEASER & Listen to the full FREE FILE


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[FREE] [PS] [F4All] Succubus Takeover [Hypnosis] [Binaural] [Subliminal] [Whispers] [Kisses] [Femdom] (LINK AT BOTTOM!)

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