I’m obsessed with this Alien Monster Girl character design.

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The entire character comes from this one image. There’s nothing else. This is a random design done for a monster Girl Month challenge where an artist has to make a new monster girl design from scratch every day for a month, with a different theme. One day you draw a zombie, one day you draw a Mermaid, that idea, & this one I came across randomly like over a year ago. Till this day I’m obsessed with it, & consider it one of my favorite alien designs ever.

The design is so pretty, & a standout in a crowd. I’m a sucker for unique designs that are also practical. Not only does it manage to be very expressive,but it manages to feel unworldly like an alien should. The being has no flesh or bone. It’s made out of a fluid jello like substance,& clearly comes from a world where gravity is not nearly as strong.

So it needs the suit to survive on planets with stronger gravity. The suit is equipped with extra limbs that help the Alien travel, & move around more easily. The design feels very purposeful, & well thought out. There’s so much story, & lore to read into the design. You can understand so much just by looking at the design.

Now all that aside, she’s also very sexy. Very Beautiful. Hot. Cute. All those descriptions work, because she’s perfect. She has the curves in all the right places. It’s the perfect blend of a monster humanoid mix. There’s not very a clear idea of how tall this character is, because there’s not an object of comparison. She sits on a white background, but I’d like to believe she’s around 7-8 feet tall. I gotta thing for big ladies so this also would probably feed into my attraction to the design.

Her big smile, & wave she gives towards the viewer gives a very approachable friendly atmosphere, like a Mother that lets you cry on her shoulder when you’re sad, & picturing her long arms rapping around you is something else.

I imagine her voice sounds exactly like Jerry in PIXARs Soul. The one specifically voiced by Alice Braga. A voice that is soft, energetic, friendly, ancient, & unworldly. A perfect voice that would encapsulate the character. That’s my forever head canon.

The unfortunate truth however is that there’s nothing else of this character. Even though it’s an original design,the artist never drew that character again. No rule 34! no softcore! No quick sketches, or doodles. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!

That is another reason why I’m so attached to this art, because it’s so little, yet so good, & I know nothing else will ever exist to capture the beauty of the design. I just needed to talk about this, & I thought the best place would be here. Now I can show you guys the design too, & hopefully you love it just as much as I do.

Here’s a link to the original artist. https://twitter.com/cnmbwjx?s=21&t=L_q9jlhs4_h5CebgmtELtg

Here’s a link to the original art being posted. https://twitter.com/cnmbwjx/status/1129204233314525189?cxt=HHwWioCj2Y7R3qsfAAAA

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I’m obsessed with this Alien Monster Girl character design.

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