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Imgur's new Terms of Service, effective May 15th, 2023, not only bans porn, but will removal all previously uploaded porn as well.

Reddit posts that use Imgur links will die.

Back them up, say FUCK IMGUR, and say hi to Catbox.

On April 19th 2023 Imgur announced new Terms of Service.

As explained in this help article, they will no longer allow nudity, pornography, and sexually explicit content. More than that, they will actively remove all content that has already been uploaded as well.

We will be focused on removing old, unused, and inactive content that is not tied to a user account from our platform as well as nudity, pornography, & sexually explicit content. You will need to download/save any images that you wish to save if they no longer adhere to these Terms. Most notably, this would include explicit/pornographic content.

In case there is any doubt, a user of r/DataHoarder posted the email they received from Imgur. In no ambiguous terms, Imgur declared,

The Community Rules will now apply to all uploads, both public and hidden. This means the following content is not permitted anywhere on Imgur: Nudity or sexually explicit content. Excludes educational, artistic, and informational content.

If you are wondering: no, do not hope for Imgur to count hentai as "artistic".

To summarize, we will lose most, if not all hentai that have ever been uploaded to Imgur throughout the 14 years of its existence. Make Tumblr or OnlyFans comparisons as you see fit.

The image hosting website that was created as a gift for Reddit and became what it is because of Reddit, is now backstabbing Redditors.

Does this affect me?

Yes. If you're reading this, it will impact your experience as either an uploader or viewer. Even if you have only ever used the official Reddit smartphone app to directly upload porn to Reddit and have never used Imgur personally, this affects you. Posts you've upvoted or saved will be lost. Your favorite hentai subs' Top of All Time will be full of dead links. Communities from the largest to the most niche will lose the contents they curate and accumulate. Imgur is making a choice which entirely disregards your experience.

What can we do?

We will be immediately disallowing links to imgur posts. If you're unsatisfied with Imgur's choice, you can reach Imgur by either submitting a support request or by email: [](

What can I do to not lose my pictures?

You can download a .zip file of all of your uploads by visiting this page and find the "Download account images" button.

How should we post hentai in the future?

After reaching out to confirm with the owner, we will be pushing for using Catbox. If you are a subreddit moderator and use a domain whitelist, we recommend whitelisting

Images can be hosted directly by Reddit by uploading from the mobile App, uploading to a private SFW subreddit, or to your user profile if it is marked SFW. You may then copy the link to that image.

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