We will do weekly blackouts on Tuesdays, subject to change, in solidarity with the rest of the blacked out subs.

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Reading all comments, we have come to a conclusion to adhere to blackouts on Tuesdays, with the possibility of adding more days than just one a week, though i personally think one day is enough for now.

Its clear that the people who cared enough to be vocal about it perceive this sub as not being big enough to do a complete blackout in a meaningful way. We agree, but we also see to the end of that thought process.

Reddit leadership thought it was good enough to lie about their plans, to not care about what their userbase thought about it, despite that userbase being volunteers who do free work and add value to a site that they see 0 returns of. Its no wonder why theres so many powermods on the big subs, despite what our opinions on they may be.

We also agree that this wouldnt happened if there was a good alternative to Reddit out there. We join on the protest because even though were a smaller niche NSFW community, its still Reddit, the same site you add on the end of the Google search to find the actual solution to your issue. Us covering our ears and pretending it doesnt concern us just validates Reddits management position of screwing with everything as long as it makes a profit. API changes not only affect third party apps on mobile, it also affects mod tools and NSFW communities like ours. As small as we are, we still have issues with having to deal with tons of spam bots. What happens if it grows? If we get to that stage, and the mod tools are no longer there, what then?

Its for these reasons that we agree, but we also want to continue showing solidarity with the larger communities. We also remind everyone that if this bothers you, thats the point.

Do you want to keep seeing monster girl content during the blackouts? Please, go off Reddit and turn into rule34, sankaku, gelbooru, or any other similar image booru.

Do you want to interact with others while doing so? I once again remind everyone to join our Discord server if thats what you want.

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We will do weekly blackouts on Tuesdays, subject to change, in solidarity with the rest of the blacked out subs.

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