Real monsters > cat girls (a rant)

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Im just really tired of any big breasted woman with cat ears being called a monster girl. Give me darkness, give me fear and primal instincts, give me eldrich horror thats more than a hentai waifu with three eyes. give me slime and teeth and darkness and scary noises in the night. some of us wanna stare into the abyss and feel fear and arousal, not see an ai generated anime girl. For me, xenophilia is about embracing the unknown and loving the unlovable.

After years of participating in mediocre rp groups and subreddits I would like to be part of a real monster fucker community for once. If you know a place, please feel free to share it. if not, i would like to build a community like this myself, so if you wanna do that with me, just leave a comment.

oh and please tell me if you feel the same.

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Real monsters > cat girls (a rant)

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