Noxurtica Spotlight and Giveaway

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Hey everyone! It's time for another developer spotlight and giveaway! Haven't heard of Noxurtica? That's ok! Here's a bit about them, in their own words. We will be giving away an enormous amount of their titles to those that enter, so please take the time to check them out and join! Giveaway will be linked at the end of this text, as well as in the pinned comment. Take care! u/Kicken


I'm from Noxurtica, an indie studio of adult games. We've been making games for a few years now and have over 15 games published with 2 more on the way in July/August. One of our upcoming games, "My Mistress Lu Bu" is a game that takes place in the Three Kingdoms Period. You play as a bandit raised by the Yellow Turbans. After being defeated by Lu Bu, she recruits you into her army, and you serve her in many ways.

Our games are made with RPG Maker and SRPG Studios. Many of the games use the combat feature these programs provide, but not all of them.

In fact, some of our most popular games are games that don't have any combat at all. These games are simulators where you manage things like kingdoms, settlements, or even people. Take for instance, our game "Princess of Mekana".

In this game, you play as the Royal Servant, which is like the head of the Secret Service and CIA in modern terms.

You help the princess rise to power, as she navigates her political opponents in court, as well as domestic and foreign affairs. Making decisions that have rippling effects in future situations, balancing the happiness of nobles and commoners, strength of military and diplomacy, to name a few.

But of course, the most important part is managing and defining your relationship to the princess. You can choose to be submissively devoted to her or dominate her for your own ambitions.

Will you serve her or dominate her?

These elements combine to make the game a bit more interesting than a standard visual novel.

We have both games that are playerdom and playersub, as well as games that let you choose or have role-reversals.

For example, in Mistress vs Slave, you play as a human princess training an elf princess, but the tables can turn on you and you can even end up as the slave.

Below is what could happen if you’re bad (or good) at the game.

Our RPGs have crafting systems, explorations, puzzles, and sometimes even base-building (eg Survival on Amazonia).

Our latest RPG, "BDSM Apocalypse", just got out of early access, and features over 40 missions and over 70 nsfw instances most of which are animated. You can choose to play as a sub or dom, which not only affects the scenes you get but the plot as well, giving you replayability. We're also working on DLC content for the game that will be "simulator" versions (like Princess of Mekana or Mistress vs Slave), where you can play as a slave or a settlement leader in the apocalypse.

We're hoping this giveaway can help attract some new players and supporters for our games.

You can check out our games on Steam and itch.

We also have a Patreon where supporters get free copies of games they supported during development.

Also join us on Discord for discussions and any questions you might have.

Thanks for taking the time to check out Noxurtica!

You can enter the giveaway here!

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Noxurtica Spotlight and Giveaway

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