Creator Spotlight - DotArt, Hole House

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Hello everyone! This week we are spotlighting DotArt and their creation Hole House. There's also a giveaway at the end, where the winner will get some unique content! Here's a few words about the game from the creator!

Welcome to Hole House. It’s a kind of Sandbox style game where you have as much freedom as possible to customise all the things you could think of about a scene. This includes Outfits, and if they are see through or not, Breast Size’s, Positions Of Legs And Much More

You Can See All Of This On Itch

There is also a wide variety of fetish stuff, with more on the way! Currently there is:




-X-Ray View


There is also a lot more stuff planned and on the way which is ever changing depending on what people want to see the most. This can be code based things like speed changer, interactive moaning or new scene things like pole dancing, date simulation's etc.

You Can See The 2023 Road Map Here

In the Game there is a photo’s app where you can view the girl’s you’ve unlocked in different positions once you’ve done some task’s for them Im also going to be doing a little giveaway that you can find the link to at the bottom, to enter it you will need to play the game and answer and simple question that you’ll be able to know pretty early on into the game. If you do this you will have a chance at winning

-A Still Image Drawing Of One Of The Character’s (Will Be Added To The Photos App In Game)

-A Unique Outfit Item For One Of The Scene’s

-Some Potions To Be Used To Help You Along

There are also some extra things that you can do that will give you additional entries but that is all explained on the giveaway page, Good Luck 📷

Play Hole House Free Here

If You’d Rather Play In Browser The Latest Browser Build Is Here

If You Would Like To Enter The Giveaway And Answer The Question Click Here

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Creator Spotlight – DotArt, Hole House

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