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Hi all! After the last giveaway we did with the Hole House developer, I saw a lot of feedback, so they wanted to have another try at things. Here's more about the game and giveaway from the dev.

- u/Kicken

Hey everyone! Taking feedback from the first giveaway, I’ve seen how much you want to get right to the good stuff in Hole House! And so, for this giveaway I have decided to give you just that!

Hole House features potions which allow you to skip quests and unlock scenes. And best of all, if you already have that unlocked, you can also trade them in for some more coins to get anything else you want!

There will be a lot of winners for that prize, but additionally, our grand prize winner will be able to request an outfit for an existing character scene, or even to have a character added to a scene they aren't in yet! The choice will be up to you if you win! 😄

Click Here To Enter!

You can also get some bonus entries by playing the game!



In our recent update we added a Wooden Horse scene where you can take full control over the girls and spicy variety of things to them! This is the first time we've tried a scene like this, so I hope you enjoy! More will still be added, including spanking and boob play to the other scenes, along with more interactive stuff such as choosing where to cum on them during the BDSM scenes!



This update also added an Anal Doggystyle scene where you can switch between two camera angles! One being a close up of the ass and the other being a full body shot. Just like the other scenes, you’ll be able to choose outfits, boob size, and so on!

We will continue working on Hole House for as long as people want more to be added! 🙂

Check out our 2023 Roadmap to find out more!



If you're curious about the game, please enter the giveaway! The potions will be sure to make your experience all the more fun! The prize will be drawn in a week and the winners will be contacted by email. I am also adding more winners this time so hopefully the chances are in your favour! 😄

Play Hole House Here

You can find the latest browser build of Hole House here

Enter The Giveaway Here

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Hole House Giveaway

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