Weekly Contest: Red Light District

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We are Co-hosting another AI image Contest with Yodayo AI!
๐Ÿ–ผ Theme - Red Light District
โฐ September 15, 2023 10:00 AM EST - September 21, 2023 9:00 PM EST
โฌ†๏ธ Submit your best creations to r/HentaiAI with the "Yodayo Contest: Red Light District" flair for a chance to win!

Hey everyone!

I'm excited to announce that we are officially partnering with the trendiest AI for anime and VTuber lovers - Yodayo AI!

What is Yodayo AI?

Yodayo is a creative hub for VTuber and Anime lovers. They have over 100 models and 6.2k LoRAs - plenty to make what you have in mind! You can always generate images for free in the Low Priority Queue, but that can take a while, so they offer the High Priority Queue at the cheap price of 5 YoBeans per image! Yodayo gives new users 300 YoBeans to start, and then 150 free daily claimable YoBeans each day so you'll always be able to generate images quickly AND entirely for **FREE**! You can also get more YoBeans by participating in Contests, Quests, and more in their Official Discord community! Yodayo is renowned for its incredibly vibrant community that passionately supports AI, Anime, and VTubers simultaneously. You can join their Discord server here!(https://discord.gg/yodayoai)

How do I participate?

Step 1: Visit the Yodayo website and go to the "New Artwork" page. Sign up for an account or log in if you already have one.

If you donโ€™t know how to use Yodayo AI, check out this video guide and this Detailed Guide!

Step 2: Enter the prompt, choose your models, and click on the "Generate" button. Donโ€™t forget to turn on the high priority button to save your time on generating your images!

Step 3: Enhance your images to get higher quality artwork. (Note this will cost you extra YoBeans, so you will have to carefully decide which art to enhance!)

Step 4: Post the image on r/HentaiAI and select the "Yodayo Contest: Red Light District" flair when posting. If you don't flair, you can't win! Although not required for contests, feel free to include your Prompt and Settings as well if you wish!

What can I win? ๐Ÿ†

Placement is based on the most upvotes at the end of the contest period!

1st Place - 12,000 YoBeans
2nd Place - 10,000 YoBeans
3rd Place - 8,000 YoBeans
4th-10th Place - 1,000 YoBeans

Contest Rules ๐Ÿ“œ

Submitted images must be on-theme to qualify.
If the image caption is on-theme but the image itself is not, the submission will not qualify.
Contest submissions do not require prompts & settings but are highly encouraged.
Other than these rules, please follow the r/HentaiAI subreddit rules.

Have fun and good luck!

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Weekly Contest: Red Light District

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