Moderator Applications Open (And other positions)

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Hey everyone! Been a little bit. Thanks for continuing to enjoy our subreddit. It's about time that we picked up a few more members to join the team, so I'm reaching out for anyone that would like to help with moderating the community!

Every application is read individually, and if you feel for any reason that I've missed a question that you would like to answer, or would like to not answer something I did ask, I invite you to indicate so on the application. Maybe you have your own skill set that I didnt ask for here, but think you could help? Feel free to contact me with the link below as well!

Moderator Application here..

Please don't overthink things!

Additionally, I am looking for people that would be interested in helping out in a few non-moderation areas. Areas in which I am looking for assistance include: Promotional event management, organizing, and out reach. Additionally, a Python developer to assist with production of saucebot. Please use the form below for inquiries.

Contact form here.

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Moderator Applications Open (And other positions)

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