[M4A] ~fantasy rp~ (please read the description below) Artist-ItzKoaro

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i’m looking for a experienced and detailed rp partner (no one liners or low effort dms) an example of your rp is also required, i want to assess how descriptive you are to determine if our styles align well, i won’t be rping with fresh accounts do to them often being randomly deleted, i rp as my oc, im into long term rps, slice of life, slow burn, interesting plots, story building type of stuff, 50% story 50% smut, into a lot besides toilet related kinks, excessive degrading and humiliation, open to many ideas, can discuss plots and other details in chat together, pm if interested! (and again please no low effort dms) hope we can work something out :D

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[M4A] ~fantasy rp~ (please read the description below) Artist-ItzKoaro

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