I made a Monster Girl of the Day Site

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I was thinking about something like this for quite a long time. I made the prototype a month ago, and finally I gathered all the links and info for the pages.

The girls are all based on the Monster Girl Encyclopedia (223 different ones currently). Everyday, at 00:00 UTC, the site selects a random one to display, there's the default image from the MGE, a little info about the girl and links to the full info, the japanese info, the MGE page, and a couple of drawing sites/agregators, such as Danbooru and Pixiv.

The site is hosted for free, so idk how many traffic it can stand, the default monster girl after restarting the site will always be a Lamia, as that's the one that comes to my head when I imagine a monster girl, mostly because of the Monster Musume manga with Mia being the main character, but I'm open to suggestions for the default girl. If the site crashes to much I may tell it to go random from the start to add variety for the visitors (as it won't be stuck on Lamias), but for now, everyone will get the same girl if it's the same day (if my code is right).

So, if you wanna fap to monster girls and don't know which, I hope the site can make a good suggestion. I also recommend making an account to Pixiv, so you can allow NSFW there, as there's a lot of good stuff in there.

The site: https://mors.pythonanywhere.com/

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I made a Monster Girl of the Day Site

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