What if we combined the "Human Folk & Monster Folk living together peacefully in modern times" setting & scenario of 'Monsutā Musume no Iru Nichijō: Everyday Life with Monster Girls' but the twist is that there's actually disabled people on both sides in the way of 'Katawa Shoujou: Disability Girls'

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Here are some examples, albeit, I really don't have much to work with.


Justice, The Awesome Demon, is blind.

An example of a disabled human boy & a monster girl as friends.

An example of how living in modern times means the disabled human boy might become enabled, and the drama that can cause for the monster girl.

An example of how, sometimes, you've got to turn the tables to get your happily ever after with your childhood friend turned true love.

An alternative example of the same sort of situation, in which it's not so much that the monster girl is disabled, so much as it is that her species was never so enabled in the first place.

And this is THE prime example of just how gods damned cute this could all be, and the potential it has to be a rather touching story. THIS is the pic that inspired me to post this, everyone.

Again, I apologize for linking to those sites, I had planned to post pics, but it's not even letting me click the option for some reason. If anyone can help, I'd be damn grateful for it, as I'd honestly rather keep this whole thing SFW for now, and of course I'd like to keep that as an option throughout any further development, if this were to go somewhere, though such a thing is flat out beyond me, tragically.

I'm mainly posting this in the hopes that it inspires someone who actually CAN make something of this to do so. Here's hoping that it does, and we see another epic masterpiece of artistic passion be born.

By the way, I know that they were all blindness related. I'm sorry for this, but there's really just not much there. It's hard to show deafness in a purely visual medium and I honestly couldn't find any monster girl pics of it, Disfigurement/Dismemberment (After it's been 'fully' recovered from, mind you) might be too much for some, so I elected to NOT show that, for now, and aside from mermaids in wheelchairs, I couldn't find any appropriate pics of monster girl paraplegics, and I honestly didn't want to show the mermaids because it just felt kind of cheap and not really... right... for sore lack of a better word, at this point. I'm sorry for this, it just didn't... sit well with me, I guess, as stupid a pun as that is.

Anyways, what I'm trying to say is: ANY disability is allowed, though some might be rather harder to pull off, artistically speaking AT LEAST, than others. I am... skittish... of using mental disabilities, but I can't really deny them, seeing as I myself am a Para/Mil-Vet who has to deal with PTSD and have loved ones with similar, or even worse mental problems. Also, I'm reluctant to say that, yes, sexual disabilities are allowed to, from impotence and sterility to nymphomania and addiction to breeding.

Please, try to keep things civilized, respectful, and try not to be TOO NSFW, at least not for now.

So, what are your thoughts everyone? Good idea? Bad idea? Tricky idea? Dangerous idea? Can it work?

What would you want to see?

Maybe beast type monster folk that are SUPPOSED to have at least 1 super sense, but don't have it at all? A 'scentless' wolf boy musician from Chicago, Illinois? A deaf bat girl ballet dancer from Paris, France? A blind raptor Lord from London, England? A 'tasteless' lamia hairdresser from Queens, New York? A "touchless" armadillo man star quarterback for the University of Texas? And who would their friends and family be? How would it affect their lives? How would they deal? How would they suffer?

Maybe it's a Harpy who lost her wings, and now she trains to be a 'real road runner girl!' and is training her ass off to run and 'win' the Boston marathon, and eventually do what Forrest Gump did in running.

Maybe it's a kleptomaniac compulsive thief dragon boy from LA who's been forced into a program to try and set him straight and maybe even give him a last chance at life before life & death in prison.

Maybe it's a nymphomaniacal succubus who keeps breaking up marriages? (Cliche, I know, but...)

Maybe it's a domineering Incubus who absolutely MUST 'spread my seed' and keeps knocking 'em up.

Maybe it's a Cyclops girl whose been bullied for being 'ugly' so much she's started cutting herself.

Maybe it's a Holstaurus who simply is biologically incapable of pregnancy and lactation? (Tragic, that.)

Maybe it's an Angel boy who was one of THOSE choir boys, yes, THOSE choir boys, and forsaken God.

Maybe it's a Nine-Tailed Fox Miko who was horribly burned in the fire that destroyed her shrine?

Maybe it's an Ogress Soldier who was raped as a POW and now all-too-aggressively pursues women? (This last one was suggested to me by my twin sister as a reference to Corporal Betsy from FO:NV)

Maybe it's a "Genetically Augmented" Super Human Super Soldier, 1st Class, with PTSD & Amnesia?

Maybe it's a "Cybernetically Augmented" Super Human Super Cop, 1st Grade, with Prime Directives?

Maybe it's a Vampire who's addicted to the drug filled blood of drug addicts and the high he gets off it.

Maybe it's a zombie girl who needs constant upkeep to remain 'intact' and is guilt-ridden over the epic expense that it's causing her family, and grows more depressed, despondent, and suicidal over time. After all, "If I'd only managed to die, then everyone wouldn't have to sacrifice so much just for me!"

Maybe it's a newly 'awakened' devil boy, who was raised as a devout Catholic with aspirations of joining the priesthood before he 'awakened', who keeps trying to "bathe" in holy water because he doesn't want to be a devil and would rather be 'purged' & 'purified' even though it's basically suicide.

Maybe it's a German punk rock biker babe sloth woman who REALLY likes speed, both the motion AND the drug, and REALLY likes to take a speedball (or four, or more, usually more, much more) before blasting down the Autobahn on her not-even-the-slightest-bit-street-legal-anywhere-else bike, after all, ya gotta 'Live fast, die young, & leave a beautiful corpse' right? And to HELL with cheetah chicks!

Maybe it's an Ork dude who's got a SERIOUS eating problem and is considering going 'Humanitarian" just to have THAT much more food available to eat. (That's Ork with a P at the start, the P is silent.)

Maybe it's a goblin girl from the ghetto who's a crack baby and is REALLY feeling the temptation but is trying to focus on her studies and become a video game designer, which she's really fucking good at!

Maybe it's an Irish American Werewolf from Boston, Massachusetts whose got himself QUITE the drinking problem, having lost his wife & son to a terrorist attack and fallen into a deep, dark, drunken depression, despite his friends and family, his pack, and his USMC buddies being 100% there for him.

Maybe it's a salamander girl who's a pyromaniac, but TRULY doesn't want to be, but literally can't NOT set things on fire, even when she loves those things, those places, those people, so many she's loved, so many she's burned to ash... Like our temple in Japan... And poor Yoko... poor, 'once beautiful' Yoko...

Maybe it's a Doppelganger actor who's the absolute best in the business but has serious inferiority issues. Think if you combined Monoma from BNHA and Roxanne from FNAF as a Doppelganger.

Well, that's all I've got for now, I'm completely drained, physically, mentally, emotionally, I'm off to bed!

EDIT: Another example is Kino who is constantly hampered by her species "Mushroom Samba" which is a great example of how it's THE SPECIES of an individual, not their PESONALITY that's the source of the problem. Not technically a disability, but definitely a "social impairment" of a sort.

I suppose one could say the same for the whole "Horny as hell on the full moon" thing too.

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What if we combined the “Human Folk & Monster Folk living together peacefully in modern times” setting & scenario of ‘Monsutā Musume no Iru Nichijō: Everyday Life with Monster Girls’ but the twist is that there’s actually disabled people on both sides in the way of ‘Katawa Shoujou: Disability Girls’

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