[M4A] ~Pirate Fantasy RP~

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heyooo, i’m seeking an experienced and detailed rp partner. i'd like to see an example of your rp beforehand, i want to assess how descriptive you are to determine if our styles align well :D i will provide one as well. i rp as my oc, we can brainstorm ideas together for your character/s, i enjoy quite variety of character types (various species, races, creatures, etc) i’m aiming for the rp to be an adventure type, with plenty of characters to meet and have scenes with. as for plot im into long term rps, slice of life, slow burn, interesting plots, story/world building and developing type of stuff, 50% story 50% smut. i want a open world type of rp, like a mmorpg game, a good example for that would be elder scrolls, with crossovers from other fandoms. this will be a pretty smut themed adventure with lots of interesting interactions. but still i'd like a rp partner whom enjoys diverse scenes, meaning the ability to enjoy fight scenes, wholesome scenes, day to day life kinda stuff. i like to actually create a bond between characters rather than forcing them into scene's because we like them, but that has some exceptions sometimes. and as for smut i'm open to most kinks, not into toilet related kinks, cheating, excessive degrading and humiliation, or chasity related stuff. we can discuss plot details and other things in chat together, pm if interested! :D hope we can work something out! (also let me know what post your from when dming please)

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[M4A] ~Pirate Fantasy RP~

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