500k Member Submission Contest!

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We're quickly approaching 500,000 members so the mod team thought it would be fun to have a submission contest to celebrate.

Contest Rules:

  1. Any submission from now until we reach 500,000 members will count towards the contest.

  2. Of those submissions, the 20 highest upvoted posts will be entered into a drawing. If a user has more than one post in the top 20, their highest upvoted submission will be chosen and the others discarded to make room for the next highest upvoted posts. This means each account will have one chance in the end. The eligible usernames will be randomized and the top 3 will be chosen for prizes.

  3. To be eligible for this contest, your account must have been made prior to this post.

  4. For the duration of the contest we will be temporarily restricting posts to 8 per 24 hour period per account to discourage spamming.

  5. All other subreddit rules still apply.


Grand Prize - 1 Winner

  • Unique user flair
  • $10 Steam gift card

Runner Up Prize - 2 Winners

  • Not quite unique user flair
  • $5 Steam gift card

We hope you have fun and keep enjoying the sub! 💞






P.S. I have to unsticky the announcement about the "dm me" spam to sticky this one, but we are still permabanning anyone who posts those 🙂

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500k Member Submission Contest!

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