Allowing AI art poll

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Hello users,

We all know the genie is out of the lamp and we will inevitably be seeing more and more of them as the AI models get better and better at making big fucking tits. Cant speak for every other mod thats in the subreddit, however i personally see it as a non issue.

Regardless, we want to hear your opinion on the matter of allowing AI art in the sub. If allowed, a post about AI art needs to:

  • State that it was made by AI on the title.
  • State the prompt used, if self made.
  • State the model used, if self made.
  • If its not self made and the 2 above cannot be facilitated, link the source.
  • Flair the post appropriately with an eventual AI flair.

Else the post would be removed if reported.

This is not intended to argue or debate on the following, since its irrelevant to the final decision:

  • Whether or not AI art is real art: If anything is a separate subgenre, but ultimately an opinionated moral point.
  • Whether or not youre an artist for making images with AI: Youre not.
  • Whether or not AIs existence hurts artists: Too nuanced to say at the moment. If the artist is good enough, AIs barely offer a sidegrade to using editing programs like Photoshop, but no real benefit. Everything thats claimed to hurt the artist is not a problem specific to AIs, however.
  • Whether or not images scrapped from image boorus are stolen: Theyre not.
  • Whether or not AI art holds real copyright: They do not.
  • Whether or not AIs plagiarize/trace real artists: They do not trace, if you believe they do you need to learn about "Machine Learning" from more than just 1 youtuber. Plagiarizing however, is a more nuanced discussion thats in a complete gray area and i wont pretend like i have enough legal information to prove they do or dont. People smarter than i am can answer that.

This isnt the right place to make debates/arguments regarding AIs themselves anyways, we want to know if you want to consoom AI art or not.

This does not reflect the stance of the moderation team, this is my personal stance on things and i simply mention them to not try to comment arguing those, since the point, again, is to simply ask the community if they want to see them here or not. This isnt to say i will delete or mute anyone who wants to share their opinion on the matter, im being transparent in that i wont care about them, i will just look at the poll results, but thats just me.

Poll will be up for 3 days.

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Allowing AI art poll

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