9/20/2021 (Major Update)
• Massive revamp of the entire website; it now looks completely different and closer to what the final website will look like
Future Update
• Rearranging almost everything, making videos allowed, changing how the website sorts pictures and videos (right now everything is listed as a video), and more

7/31/2021 (Minor Update)
•Finally completed fully setting up things for https such as cURL and ssl; this means that google can “crawl” our website and display our pictures in the google search
Future Update
•Massive revamp of the entire website; it won’t look the same at all

5/10/2021 (News for the website)
•Google and other search engines now show our website in the search results
Future Update
•Adding more stuff and changing the way things look

Update 4/12/2021 (Major Update)
•All uploads from r/AllThingsHentai will be auto uploaded to the website
•Google reCAPTCHA when signing in and creating accounts due to about 900+ bots signing up yesterday
Future Update
•Adding more google stuff

Update 3/18/2021 (Major Update)
Future Update
•Adding the website to google and other ways for it to get discovered

Update 2/16/2021 (Minor Update)
•Upvote system
•More clickable links
Future Update
•Adding more features and improving the upvote system

Update 2/15/2021 (Minor Update)
•Bugs fixed with the image display system
Future Update
•Re-size images so they are bigger
•Upvote system
•If you have any ideas, dm me on Discord!

Update 2/9/2021 (Major Update)
•You can now post images and content to the website!
Future Update
•Bugs with the image display system will be fixed

Update 1/22/2021 (Major Update) (First Update!)
•Users can now create their own accounts/profiles
•Broken pages have been fixed
•Colors and layout have changed a bit
Future Update
•Upload pics/videos/gifs
•Complete revamp of the look
•And much more

This site is still under construction, so please ignore the clutter and broken links! If you have any other questions, please join our Discord server